Our Bakers

We have a great team of specialists bakers who work hard every day to bring the best of bread to you. So now you know why ORMO is the great taste and quality it is.

David Bisset, is just one of the bakers in the bread plant on Boucher Road, Belfast.
He has been a baker for over 45 years, having done his apprenticeship in 1967, working till 1988 when he took a career break to pursue other interests. However, baking was in his blood and he returned in 1996 to the Ormo bakery where he has been ever since. It is his wealth of experience, loyalty and dedication to the products and the brand that make sure that we can enjoy Ormo quality and taste every day.
Baker Image

David talks about his day, “This is a 24 / 7 operation so all the bakers work in shifts. During a typical 12 hour shift, I follow the entire bread making process, from mixing and preparing the dough, weighing it out, ensuring it is placed correctly in the tins, and that the ovens are constantly at the right temperature to ensure that every single item comes out ready for packaging , perfect every time. Quality and taste will always be at the heart of what we do, so during the shift I am constantly checking that standards are being maintained. The company has also deservedly won several awards for its excellent hygiene standards and to be honest, the importance of hygiene in the workplace is so well engrained that everyone just takes it as part of their day to day job. We have also won the RoSPA Gold award every year for our excellent Health and Safety record.

It’s a great environment to work in and it is very satisfying at the end of each shift to think that what I have made that day is probably already on a shelf, packaged and fresh, ready for consumption.