Ormo Quality

Today, Ormo is synonymous with local baking tradition in Northern Ireland; we bake to traditional recipes using only the finest ingredients, with a few tweaks to meet the tastes of today’s consumer. A household name for generations of families, it is a brand leader in Morning Goods.

All our recipes are low in saturated fats and all packaging now shows clearly on the front the nutritional information of each product (no more looking for small print at the back!)

Our bakery  –  The Ormo Bakery is located on the Boucher Road in South Belfast, employing just under 400 people, all dedicated to bringing the best of bread to you.  They take tremendous pride working for one of Northern Ireland’s most famous brands.

The state of the art plant has been recognised for its excellent consistent standards of Health and Safety and Hygiene, having won several awards over the years.  The staff are all very proud of these and work hard every day to uphold these high standards.