Ormo Kids

Hi Ormo Kids… this area has been designed especially for you! Check out how we make our Ormo pancakes below…

How we make our scrummy pancakes!

Step 1 – We use locally milled flour

20 000 tonnes of flour is delivered to our bakery each year – the equivilent of 13 million supermarket size bags of flour!

Step 2 – Ingredients are delivered fresh to the bakery

These ingredients include buttermilk, eggs and flour

Step 3 – Ingredients are then mixed together

This is using a secret Ormo pancake recipe

Step 4 – The dough is squirted onto a massive hotplate

A squirty thing pushes the dough from the mixer onto a big hotplate which bakes the pancakes.

Step 5 – Pancakes are flipped

We flip the pancakes after a minute and a half to make sure they are baked evenly on both sides!

Step 6 – Pancakes are checked for size,weight and most importantly, TASTE!

We all fight over the tasting job.

Step 7 – Dispatched from the bakery!

Then it’s onto the lorries and off to the shops. Perfect!

Step 8 – Serving Suggestion

Serve with a delicious portion of fresh fruit